What is Book Club for Kids?

What is Book Club for Kids?

Book Club for Kids will take place at my house.  You will drop off your child at the time you've scheduled for 90 minutes of book club fun!  

Each book club session will include an introductory game to make sure everyone is feeling happy and comfortable, a quick overview of the expectations for the day, a minimum of 45 minutes of reading time, time for discussion, and either a craft, written response, or activity at the end to wrap up the learning.

There are a couple different models for book clubs.  

Option A: Your child can bring his or her own book or choose from my library of books to read. This book club is focused more on individual reading choices by the child.  There will still be a discussion component included in the 90 minutes as well as either a written activity or craft to wrap up the session.

Option B: Your child can choose to read a chapter book with a group of other children.  This option, depending on the length of the book, will likely mean that he or she will be returning once a week to continue reading and discussing the book with the group until completion.  It will also include written activities or crafts to wrap up the learning.

Use this link to sign up for Book Clubs!